Board Of Directors

Colleen Mayers      Club Manager

Randy Laney          Assistant Club Manager

Barbara Bauer        Treasurer

Nancy Dukes          Secretary

Dennis Ott               Past Club Manager

Reva Fell                 Head Director 


DIRECTORS:  Jean Adcock, Gary Klussman, Colleen Mayers, Dennis Ott, Reva Fell, Barbara Zander, Vermelle Draper


Purchasing of Snack, Drink Supplies     Gary Klussman
Inventory Supplies & Food                     Colleen Mayers
Cards and Flowers                                 Marsha Sanders
Games Setup, Scores, Newspapers         Colleen Mayers, Dennis Ott, Barbara Zander, Gary Klussman   
Schedule ACBL Games                            Reva Fell,  Assistant to Reva: Colleen Mayers
Clean Up Organizer                               Raney Laney
Party Planners                                      Colleen Mayers, Barbara Bauer, Lynn Rosen, 
                                                              Joyce Batt, Linda Glover

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