There are some corrections to minutes that are being revised.  Colleen Mayers

Gulf Shores DBC Board Meeting

November 29, 2012

The meeting was called to order at 10:35 a.m. by Colleen Mayers at the Harry Roberts Senior Center.  Attending were Colleen Mayers, Dennis Ott, Jim Davenport, Barbara Bauer, and Nancy Dukes. 

The minutes from November 2, 2012 were read and approved as corrected. Dennis Ott, Sandy Roberts, and Vermelle Draper were left out of the current directors.

Barbara Bauer gave the treasurer’s report.  Balance on hand is $5337.76.  The only bill that has not been paid is for the Red Cross. Barbara Bauer gave a check for $500.00 payable to Christian Service Center to Colleen Mayers to be hand delivered. After some discussion Dennis Ott made a motion to discontinue Red Cross and just give to Christian Service Center. Seconded by Jim Davenport and Motion carried.

The Christmas Party will be catered by Kitty’s Kafe at a cost of $12.00 / per person including taxes and gratuity.  Barbara Bauer, Letty Belland, and Lynn Rosen  are the designated party workers. Jim Davenport is organizing the “Draw Down”. The cost of a ticket will be $5.00. The ultimate prize will be a centerpiece from Celebrations. Some bridge mugs and a calendar will be given at intervals during the afternoon.  Nancy Dukes made a motion for the club to give $150.00 to Jim Davenport to help offset the prizes.  Barbara Bauer seconded and the motion passed.

Norman Ard has agreed to help set up and register players in January and February.  Barbara Bauer will be helping him. Colleen will update the data base and Barbara is going to generate lists to enable locals to pre-pay for the next game. Nancy is available if needed.

Barbara Zander and Reva Fell have passed their director’s test.  A motion was made and seconded for Reva Fell to be Head Director in Charge. It was felt she was most knowledgeable about the duties of a director and the motion passed unanimously.  She will set up a schedule for directors in charge during January and February.  There will be only non playing directors when there are more than 17 tables.  After much discussion Dennis Ott made a motion to pay non playing directors $25.00 a session.  Jim Davenport seconded. Motion passed.  Gary Klussman has agreed to direct the Tuesday night game. His play will be free for the nights he directs.

Looking to the future with an interest in reinstating Sectional Tournaments in Gulf Shores and to be of assistance in the Regional Tournament to be held in our area February 2014, the Board was unanimous in wanting to purchase a Duplicating/Dealing/ Shuffler Machine.  The cost of the machine is $4,400.00 plus two 36 Board Sets in Carrying Cases at $300.00, plus new cards and shipping charges for a total of $4800.00.  Dennis Ott has offered to lend the club interest free money to help pay for it so we can go ahead and order it. Information about it will be presented to the general membership on Monday, December 3.  A vote will be taken on Monday, December 17, 2012. Nancy is going to prepare forms for absentee votes.

The security of our facility was discussed.  It was determined that we need to keep a sizeable balance available for replacing items.

The dates of Pensacola’s Party, Mobile’s Unit Meeting and Fairhope’s party were announced.  Double Session for August 2013 has been scheduled.

Dennis moved that the meeting be adjourned at 12:10.  Jim Davenport seconded.  

 Respectfully submitted Nancy Dukes

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